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Chris Jericho Teases Next Opponent Reveal on Dynamite


All Elite Wrestling (AEW) star Chris Jericho took to his Saturday Night Special to discuss several professional wrestling topics.

Here are the highlights:

Taking the bump into the Mimosa:

I think that after taking two of Orange’s Orange Punches, Superman punches, I didn’t want to just be like, floundering around in the drink so to speak. So, it wasn’t savoring [the bump], it was more just kind of like, ‘Wow.’ Accepting the reality that I had lost, and also selling his finish.

How he thought the match went over:

I’m really proud of the Mimosa Mayhem Match, I thought it went as great as it possibly could have. Maybe even better. Because when I had the idea, it was very much — I knew that it seemed weird in concept. And I knew that when I first mentioned it and first said it, that people would go, ‘What? That doesn’t make any sense.’ But I also knew after the first one, everybody would want to do it. Because it’s all about the drama.

You know, Stu Hart taught me when you have a gimmick match, use the gimmick. So what’s the gimmick of the Mimosa match? I’ve explained this, but I was thinking like, ‘What can we do?’ Like, obviously orange juice is Orange Cassidy, champagne is Jericho. You combine those two together, it’s a mimosa … So what can we do? ‘Well, yeah you could get thrown into it.’

I actually started watching those FMW exploding barbed wire bomb death matches, where there would be no ropes and the guy would be on the edge of the apron. And he would get hit, and he would be like, [acts like he’s about to fall] ‘Whoa-oh!’ And then no, he doesn’t. [And then] ‘Whoa!,’ and then finally he takes the bump off the apron into the barbed wire which explodes. ‘Well, maybe we could do something like that, but you’re falling into the mimosa.’

His feud with Cassidy:

Like I said tonight, if you saw the promo today, it wasn’t a feud, it wasn’t an angle, it wasn’t a storyline, it was an experiment. ‘Can we get Orange Cassidy to the next level and make him a main event draw in AEW?’ And we did that. I knew that he had it in him. But we just added a few different shades to him, so he’s a more well-rounded character. Not just the ‘lazy guy,’ but now he shows fire, and he shows some attitude, he can do a promo. He’s a great babyface, he really is. And like I said, 14 weeks, it was the Summer of Orange. And it was really, really fun. I really enjoyed it, glad I got to do it, it was an honor.

Who he wants to feud with next:

Who would I like to feud with next? There’s a lot of people. Actually, I know exactly who I’m kinda going to be kind of feuding with next, and who my next story is with. Because once again, it’s all about the stories. So you’ll find out on Wednesday. We’ll continue, that was kind of the blow-off of Jericho and Orange for now. And I’m sure we could always go back to it at some point. I mean, we have great chemistry, and it’s there.

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