Chris Jericho Reveals Original Plans for Him at WrestleMania 19


In a new interview with Inside The Ropes, Chris Jericho reveals that his legendary match with Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 19 in 2003 was not the original plan for him at that year’s showcase.

Chris Jericho was actually slated to do battle with Edge.

According to Jericho, the Highlight Reel segment with Shawn Michaels that kicked off the whole feud was only supposed to be a one-time occurrence. However, Mr. WrestleMania was not about to leave money on the table. Jericho says that when Shawn went backstage he said that the issue between himself and Chris was “money,” to which Vince McMahon agreed.

As for Edge, he wouldn’t even participate in that Year’s WrestleMania due to a neck injury that kept him out of action for over a year. Edge and Chris Jericho would eventually get their WrestleMania match, however. It would take place 7 years later at WrestleMania 26 for the World Heavyweight Championship, in a match where Chris Jericho defeated Edge to retain the championship.

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“The next in our series of WrestleMania themed chats with The Alpha Chris Jericho, in this video we talk about his Show-stealing match vs. Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania XIX, How the match came to be, what the original plan for Jericho was that year and where Y2J ranks it in Wrestlemania history.”

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