Chris Masters Reflects On His Failed Championship Pursuits In WWE


Chris Masters had several missed opportunities to win titles in WWE, including a Triple Threat Submission Match for the WWE Championship against John Cena and Kurt Angle, a potential Tag Team Championship with Carlito at WrestleMania, and an Intercontinental Championship match that was derailed by his struggles with addiction.

Masters also tried out for Tough Enough but only made it to the second round.


Speaking with the So Catch podcast, Masters reviewed his missed championship opportunities in WWE. Despite these failed attempts at winning titles, the former WWE Superstar claims that the wrestling business has been good to him.

You can check out some highlights and watch the full interview below:

On his potential shot at the Tag Team Championship: “Carlito and me, we were supposed to win the tag team titles at WrestleMania. That’s the way it was slated. I had assumed it, I don’t know what Carlito thought. He was born into the business, maybe he knew better already, but then, you know, things change and the day before we found out, ‘Oh, we’re not winning it.’ But it wasn’t because of anything that we did, it was because of the Spirit Squad and something they had to do there, but we didn’t think much of it because it was early.”

On what stood in the way of his bid for the Intercontinental Championship: “I had developed [an] addiction and I had gone to rehab, and that was literally right when [I was supposed to win the IC title]. If true, I even watched the match where it was supposed to happen. It made 100% sense that it was supposed to be me, watching it, because the outcome didn’t make sense. So yeah, that one hurt a little bit.”

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