Chris Sabin Celebrates 20 Years In Impact Wrestling


Chris Sabin debuted for TNA Wrestling on April 9, 2003, and won the TNA X-Division Championship just a month later. Since then, Sabin has been a cornerstone of Impact Wrestling, having spent two decades of his career in the Anthem-owned promotion.

Today marks Sabin’s 20th anniversary in Impact Wrestling, and the company released a video to celebrate Sabin’s debut 20 years ago. The 41-year-old wrestler said,


“This company has given me a wonderful life, has given me a platform to express myself…It’s been an honor. Thank you for being on this journey with me. I really appreciate it. I’m extremely grateful for all of you, especially those of you that have been there since the beginning. I wouldn’t be here right now talking if it wasn’t for all of you.”

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