Chris Sabin Discusses Being The X-Division Champion, NJPW, & More


During a a recent interview with, Chris Sabin commented on being a former X-Division Champion, working for New Japan Pro Wrestling and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his first X-Division championship run: “For me, I was still young, I was only 21 years old when I first won the title, I was just about three years into the wrestling business, so I knew that it was cool, and I knew that I was just signing my contract and winning the X division title for the first time. Funny story too, I was working at Subway and the X division champion at the same time, for a small amount of time. That was when I ended up signing my first contract. I was like, okay, I’m quitting Subway and I am wrestling full time now. So, it was great for me. I was young, I was hungry. I was able to make a living off wrestling starting at a young age. I hope guys can have that experience now, that younger guys in the business are given a chance in that company (Impact) similar to what I experienced. To be able to make a living off wrestling, to be able to do what they love.”

On who he was most looking forward to facing during the NJPW’s Best of the Super Juniors tournament: “I guess I am looking forward to wrestling KUSHIDA. The whole dynamic there with myself tagging with Alex Shelley as the Motor City Machineguns, and when we split up Alex went over to New Japan and wrestled as the Time Splitters with KUSHIDA. So, I have a little connection there, and a dynamic of wrestling Alex Shelley’s other tag team partner. So, I guess that is what I am looking forward to the most.”

On starting his own pro wrestling school: “Definitely, that is something I have given some thought to before. The way I would want to do it, if it was just me doing it on my own, I would want a small class size, only take on four or five students at a time, and just really devote my time to training them to be good pro wrestlers. I think it reflects on you when you train someone, and you put them out there, and if they are asked who they were trained by and someone says that they were trained by Chris Sabin, then I want them to be quality wrestlers. I would do it a certain way, but you never know. I have given it some thought before, but I have no idea if whether it would happen or not.”

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