Chris Sabin Reveals His Goals For ROH, Says His TNA World Title Run Was Disappointing, More


Former TNA and current ROH Superstar Chris Sabin recently appeared on the Pancakes and Powerslams podcast. During the podcast, Sabin discussed his TNA World title run, calling it “disappointing.” You can check out some highlights below:

On his TNA World Championship run: “It was disappointing. Pretty much the moment the 1-2-3 happened and I won the title, the crowd went crazy, [and] that was an awesome moment. It was a super cool moment for me, because it was a very cool moment to be in that ring and to experience a crowd like that. But everything other than that, it was pretty disappointing. I held the title for about three weeks, and nothing really happened with it. It was just kind of a thing.”

On his transition from TNA to ROH: “[Ring of Honor] is a lot more focused on the in-ring product. When I left TNA, it was pretty chaotic. No one really knew what was going on, especially in the office. It was just chaos, people didn’t know who was in charge. Ring of Honor was a breath of fresh air for me at the time, still is. This company knows what it is. It has an identity, it has a brand.”

On his goals for Ring of Honor: “I have yet to win any title in Ring of Honor, so I think that’s the next plan, that’s the next goal to at least win some gold in Ring of Honor. Especially the tag team gold, which is something that Alex [Shelley] and I are really trying to get into that scene right now.”

On Finn Balor’s success in the WWE: “It’s great. I’m super happy for him, he’s a great guy. I always got along super well with him whenever we had interaction [in New Japan]. He’s a great guy. I’m super happy for all of his success.”

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