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NewsChristian Cage Reveals The Original Plans For Him & Edge To Split

Christian Cage Reveals The Original Plans For Him & Edge To Split



AEW star Christian Cage was a recent guest on “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast and spoke with Matt Hardy about the ladder match featuring Edge & Christian vs. The Dudley Boyz vs. The Hardys at WrestleMania 16.

According to Christian, WWE had plans in place for him and Edge to split following the WrestleMania match. Of course, that didn’t wind up happening because they won the match and the tag titles.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On not knowing what the finish for the match would be a few days before it happened: “I think maybe a few days before we actually sat down to put this together, we didn’t even know what the finish was. At one point, it was somebody else winning, and Edge & Christian, we’re splitting up after this. So then we kind of we started to talk a little bit before this, or after this, when we kind of started talking and then we turned.”

On how Edge and Christian were originally going to split: “They told us to say whatever we wanted and Adam and I started dropping F-bombs. We weren’t supposed to — we were supposed to lose and that changed the minds. They were like, ‘Oh, these guys aren’t done yet. There’s more layers, as a tag.’ Then they decided to have us win the match and then turn heel because they saw some personality there when we were doing we did that promo. Then, we did a couple of things on commentary and that was kind of the thing that saved Edge and Christian as a team because we were going to split up after this.”

(h/t – Fightful)

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