Christian Says He Wants A Lengthy Career – Details


Christian recently spoke with Pantagraph about his career, being Intercontinental Champion and more. Check out the highlights:

On having the Intercontinental Title eighteen years into his career: “It’s kind of cool to be Intercontinental Champion. It means a great deal…I used to make my own title belts out of cardboard and attach them to the back of my weightlifting belt, then hold it up in the mirror and practice my posing. My thought was that if you believe you’re a champion and work hard at it, you’ll finally get to that point.”

On wanting to be a wrestler as a kid: “I loved playing hockey growing up as a kid, but the first time I stepped into a ring, it seemed natural to me, like home. The first day of training, I was a kid thrown into the ring, and the minute I hit the ropes and the mat, it felt comfortable.”

On Edge’s retirement: “Yeah, I was the first person he called after he got the news (about the injury). It was one of those things where I had to listen and be there for him. I could tell he was upset about it once it sunk in. I told him that if was writing the end to his story, this was the perfect way to finish it off, just winning the WrestleMania (XXVII) world championship, the biggest show of the year. You can’t write a better ending than that.”

On how long he wants to keep going: “Having a long career with real lasting power has always been a goal,” he says. “So as long as I’m physically able to do what I do, I’ll keep doing it.”

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