​Christian Says WWE Needs To Let Their Younger Talent “Ad-Lib”, Discusses “The Edge & Christian Show”


During a recent appearance on “The LAW: Live Audio Wrestling”, former WWE and TNA Superstar Christian discussed WWE needing to let their younger talent ad-lib, knowing if he had a concussion after his four-way match on RAW in March of 2014 and more. You can check out some highlights and audio of the interview below:

On WWE needing to let some of their younger talents ad-lib during promos: “When I started, there was a lot more freedom there to do that on the show when you’re doing a promo or something to that effect. It seems like people should take a little more chances with that because that’s how things connect. I watch Jericho, he still does that and there’s certain guys that may do it but I definitely think sometimes you need to step out of the comfort zone a little bit and take a chance. Sometimes when you take a chance, you’ll hit it out of the park and you’re on your way.”

On “The Edge & Christian Show” “It’s been great. You definitely need a creative outlet and a new challenge, something that’s fun. Not that that’s complacent wrestling or anything like that but you’ve done it for so long that sitting there before a match, there’s pressure but not that you haven’t done it, you know what I mean? You’ve been there a million times; you know how to deal with the pressure. This one was completely different because we’re new to it and it was fun to learn, to do the writing, the producing and then acting in it. You need that outlet, you need that creative outlet and it did kind of fill a void for sure.”

On if he knew he had a concussion following a four-way match during a March of 2014 episode of RAW: “I didn’t know because I had just come back not even long before that. I was aware when it happened that something was up which is why – you’re just trying to deal with it and trying to figure out is this something I can manage. As a performer, your mindset is to try to – how do I get to the next match or whatever it is, right? Yeah, you have to deal with it, roll with it, it is what it is. I’ve accepted it.”

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