Christina Von Eerie Accuses Chris Dickinson Of Domestic Violence, Pulled From GCW Event


NJPW star Chris Dickinson has been accused of domestic violence by Christina Von Eerie, who claims that she was abused by Dickinson in a Facebook post.

As a result, Dickinson has removed himself from the GCW event on Saturday night. He said,

I have made the decision to pull myself off of Saturday’s GCW event in Atlantic City. I do not want to serve as a distraction to my peers. The accusations made about me by a former partner are false, and contain multiple defamatory allegations that will be addressed in due time. I do not wish to engage in public discourse on this matter. Instead, I will pursue all legal options afforded to me in an effort to clear my name.

You can check out some highlights from Von Eerie’s Facebook post regarding the abuse below:

On her relationship with Dickinson: “My relationship with Chris was filled with verbal, mental, and physical abuse. Leaving me with severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and crippling depression. By the end of our time together I hated myself completely. After learning more about narcissistic abuse I realized that one of the things I was going through was called ‘Imposter Syndrome’.”

On Dickinson’s degradation of her and women’s wrestling: Chris would continuously degrade and insult me and my work. He absolutely hated watching my matches and would rip me apart and make fun of me. This got so bad that I couldn’t even watch my own matches back by myself. I began to cringe at the sight of myself. Slowing beginning to believe all the awful, mean things he was saying to actually be true. I’d think maybe I’m not good at what I do. Maybe I’m a giant fraud with inflated sense of self worth, and I in fact DON’T deserve the recognition I’ve gotten over the years, or any opportunities from the past, or ones to come in the future. My existence in the professional wrestling world is a meaningless joke. I’m not special. I’m replaceable, and forgettable…I hate myself. I felt like something that anyone would be ashamed to stand next to. Chris didn’t want to put our relationship status online because it was “embarrassing”. He didn’t want to be “another name on (my) your Wikipedia…”interesting how he could feel that way, yet still invite to live with him at his parents house in Staten Island, NY. Having coffee with his parents at the kitchen table everyday, and dinners with his family. I even helped helped his mother pick out the color scheme to paint for the kitchen. She always treated me with love and respect. She truly was like a mother to me, and often times the only source of comfort, while enduring Chris’s constant degradation.”

On how it affected her psychologically: “Things progressively got worse as time went by. I began to self-sabotage, and make decisions based off of how it would make Chris feel. He would tell me who I could work for and threaten to break up with me if I worked for places he didn’t like.”

On things getting worse: “The verbal fights just kept escalating to the point that he was screaming at me, nose to nose. Veins popping out of a bright red face. He always tried to intimidate me. Puffing up and getting in my face, cornering me. Things started getting physical. He would push me, hold me down, block me from getting to the door, or even pulling me off the door and throwing me on the bed or the floor. He would throw and break things. He didn’t care what it was. A heartbreaking moment that’s stuck in my head was when he picked up a piece of art that a fan had made for me in Mexico. It was my very 1st gift from fan. A clay model “action figure-like” little sculpture of me. All my tattoos, in my gear, with the Mohawk, and throwing up the devil horns. Handmade. This person put a lot of love into making it, and went through the trouble of getting it to me. (Just remembering that it was given to someone that had to bring it to me. It was long anticipated). It was one of those fights that he had pushed me and thrown me on the bed. He picked up that piece of art and threw it against the wall…breaking it to pieces. Just completely shattered. These fights continued…yelling, pushing, holding me down, and being tossed around. It was impossible to get him off of me if he was holding me down. He was so much bigger and stronger than me. I felt so helpless sometimes, and scared that things would get more violent…and they did.

November of 2014. I noticed that Chris had been texting his ex girlfriend. Her name popped up on his phone while he was holding it. I told him to show it to me and he refused. Of course, this is where the yelling starts. I attempted multiple times to grab the phone out of his hands. I finally managed to get it. That’s when Chris hit me. He slapped me so hard across the face that my ear started ringing, my mouth had been busted open and was bleeding so much that I was spitting blood. I had a black eye, my lips swollen and split, and the corner of my mouth was bruised. He was in fact talking to his ex, and there was definitely something he didn’t want me to see. He got his phone back and I never got see or know what it was that he was hiding. Must have been bad enough to where he felt the need to physically assault a 130 lbs 24yr old woman…there were even time where intimacy was very physically painful for me. Just enduring it, when he knew he was hurting me.”

On other things he would do: It would be a lie if I say I didn’t see it coming. I take responsibility for remaining in an unhealthy situation like that. I ignored the red flags. I should have left a long time ago at this point. Looking from the outside in, it was clear that I was in a very abusive and narcissistic relationship. He would do degrading and disrespectful things, like take pictures of me while I was sleeping & 1/2 naked, or bust the bathroom door opening when when I was on the toilet and take pictures of me…for some reason he found that to be hilarious. I felt absolutely terrible. I felt ashamed and embarrassed….he wouldnt even delete them. Later he would use these pictures to threaten me with. He said he would send them to the dirt sheets as revenge…”

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