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NewsChristopher Daniels Speaks On Samoa Joe, Impact Wrestling, More

Christopher Daniels Speaks On Samoa Joe, Impact Wrestling, More



Thanks to Chuck Carroll for sending us the following:

I wanted to pass along an interview I did with Christopher Daniels recently. We spoke about the upcoming ROH 15th anniversary show, Samoa Joe in WWE, his thoughts on not winning ROH championship yet and his new comic, “Aw Yeah Comics Team Up with Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian; Number 1.” Ironically, it’s the second comic The Addiction has done with them. The cover shows Daniels robbing a bank so maybe he’s a heel in this one?

You’ve been wrestling for a long time and were with Ring of Honor at its inception. Do you feel like you’ve paid your dues, and a title reign is overdue?

I think I paid enough dues a long time ago. But circumstances are what they are, and sometimes matches don’t go the way you want them to go. Certainly going into the 15th Anniversary Show I feel like there’s a lot of momentum on my side right now. If the fans’ feelings are that it’s about time I’ve had the championship, I’m not going to argue with that. It remains to be seen what happens…

Have you been frustrated that you haven’t been elevated to the top position in ROH?

Not specifically frustrated. Things go the way they go. It’s not up to me to say this is a good direction or a bad direction. It’s just the way it was. All of us as pro wrestlers try to put ourselves out there as the best product we can be. It falls to people above us to decide that’s the best direction for the company to go…

Are you surprised that it took so long for Samoa Joe to wind up on WWE’s main roster?

Not so much surprised, I’m just happy that it finally happened. I feel like one of the reasons that it took so long is that they were waiting for the right moment… I’m certainly interested to see where this goes. Coming off the Royal Rumble to go toward WrestleMania, I would think that would mean Joe is in a prime position to have a high-profile match at his first WrestleMania.

TNA has been undergoing a massive overhaul in recent months with turnover and new ownership. Did you have the feeling that this was something that’s been on the cusp of happening for years and you’re surprised it took so long?

I can’t really comment on it with any sort of intelligence because all I know is the same thing that everyone else has seen and read. … I know when I left that I felt like there was some upheaval in management. But I couldn’t tell you everything that’s gone on. I’ve seen what everyone else has with the ratings and mishaps that have gone on.

On the comic book cover you look like a nefarious character. You’re robbing a bank and Kazarian is saying you must be stopped. What’s going on?

I don’t want to give too much away. I’m not 100 percent ready to retire, so am I looking to add a couple of zeros to the end of my bank account? You’ll have to pick up the book to find out exactly what’s going on. It’s worth picking up to check out.

Growing up, you’re either a DC Comics guy or a Marvel guy. Which were you?

I was Marvel, 100 percent. I grew up reading Marvel comics. The first comic that really got me hooked was Uncanny X-Men…

Daniels also talked about the possibility of wrestling for both Ring of Honor and TNA like Cody Rhodes and WWE dominating online streaming services like they do with traditional television. You can read the entire interview here.

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