Christopher Daniels Teases The Return Of His ‘Fallen Angel’ Gimmick


AEW Superstar Christopher Daniels took to Twitter last night, teasing the return of his ‘Fallen Angel’ gimmick. When SCU broke up back in May, Daniels was taken off television and hasn’t been seen since. In his latest video, which you can see below, Daniels said,

“When you go to war, you know, in your heart, that there will be trauma. Trauma that causes wounds. And some wounds heal. But others become scars. Scars that remind you of your mistakes. I had a plan and it failed. I had a partner and I let him down. I gambled everything and I lost it all. And now I’m all alone. I’ve got no goal, no cause, no team, nothing to fight for except the right to keep fighting. So I fight. And since I’ve lost it all, I’ve got nothing left to lose. After 28 years, what I thought was the end might actually be a new beginning.”

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