Chuck Taylor Asks Johnny Gargano If He Could Have Baby Quill


AEW star Chuck Taylor had a hilarious interaction with former WWE NXT Superstar Johnny Gargano on Twitter over Gargano’s baby boy, Quill. Gargano and his wife, current NXT Superstar Candice LeRae, had the baby over a week ago on February 17th.

Gargano wrote: It’s crazy to think this was already a week ago today! This was the very first picture taken of Quill moments after he made his big debut. You can definitely tell he’s my kid.. (-_•)

Taylor replied: John give me your baby.

Gargano thought this was odd, saying, “…. what are you gonna do with him? (Oh and just so everyone knows.. THIS is the first interaction we’ve had since he’s been born. No text, no message.. just this Tweet right here)”

Taylor added, “I had a question about Shawn Michaels I almost texted you yesterday but I realized I hadn’t asked about your child yet so I didn’t do it.”

It’s possible it’s a callback to a Gargano promo in 2015, in which he said that babies are better than title belts.

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