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NewsChyna Allegedly Threatened To Kill Stephanie McMahon

Chyna Allegedly Threatened To Kill Stephanie McMahon



Before marrying Stephanie McMahon, Paul Levesque (Triple H) was in a real-life relationship with Joanie Laurer, the performer who portrayed Chyna. There is some debate about whether Triple H and Stephanie began seeing one another while Trips was still in a relationship with Chyna. But it led to a lot of drama and tension backstage, and ultimately, Chyna’s WWE release.

Speaking on the Kliq This podcast, Kevin Nash talked about Chyna’s time with WWE. Nash makes the rather shocking allegation that Chyna threated to end Stephanie’s life. Nash said, “There was some tension, I think. Joanie ]Laurer] said she was going to end Stephanie’s life. It was f*cked up.”

Chyna passed away in April of 2016. She was inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame as a member of DX in the class of 2019. Both Triple H and Shawn Michaels support Chyna being inducted into the Hall of Fame as a singles performer.

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