​Chyna Found Sleeping On A Sidewalk Prior To Her Death, Charged With Public Intoxication


TMZ is reporting that the late Joanie “Chyna” Laurer was in very rough shape in the months leading up to her passing. This should come as no surprise if you’ve watched any of the YouTube.com videos she had been posting. She was clearly “out of it” in those videos. Also, she was having some legal struggles during the months before her tragic passing.

The site reports that law enforcement sources claim that Chyna was found by neighbors lying unconscious on a sidewalk in Redondo Beach, California. Chyna was found “slurring her speech” and with bloodshot eyes. According to the police report, she admitted to the police that she had been drinking wine the night before and she was sleeping outside because she couldn’t find her keys. In addition, she was carrying about $20,000 in cash that she said she earned from an autograph session earlier in the day.

Paramedics at the scene determined she was too intoxicated to take care of herself and they brought her to a local hospital for an overnight stay. She was later charged for public intoxication and things got worse from there with more heavy drinking, Xanex, Adderall, etc. Of course, that is a lethal combo of drugs but were still awaiting the toxicology report.

This turned out to be Chyna’s final YouTube.com video. Very sad stuff, R,I,P Joanie!

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