​Chyna Updates – Her Request To Be Cremated To Be Honored + Documentary Update & Plans, More


Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that Chyna’s request to be cremated will be honored. According to her manager, the decision to have her cremated was made on Thursday morning and was granted because “Chyna always expressed to me that she wanted to be cremated. We will adhere to those wishes.”

A formal autopsy is expected to take place within the next day or two and then the cremation will take place.

Speaking of Joanie “Chyna” Laurer, the documentary that was being filmed prior to her death is still expected to be completed. The director of the film, Erik Angra, says the film documented Chyna’s recent return to the United States as she attempted to “rebuild her life.” The documentary was originally set to be titled “The Reconstruction of Chyna” but has now been retiled to “The Deconstruction of Chyna”.

As of now, the film will be released in the spring of 2017 but that could change.

“Joanie really wanted this documentary to be made”, Angra said. “She was really excited about it. It’s about more than just her, but also about these celebrities and the things they go through, how complicated their lives can be.”

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