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NewsCiampa Doesn't Mind Losing His First Name

Ciampa Doesn’t Mind Losing His First Name



Make it to the main roster and lose your first name. Happens to the best of them. But one WWE NXT call-up is okay with the change.

Ciampa doesn’t mind that he lost his first name upon his main roster arrival. Just like Riddle and Theory before him, Ciampa dropped the ‘Tommaso’ part of his name when he got the call to come to Monday Night RAW. Recently, he spoke with Wrestling Inc about why that’s not a big deal for him.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On being ok with the name change: “I’m good with Ciampa. Tommaso is my birth name, Ciampa is actually my godmother’s name so when I picked that for wrestling, there was a lot of meaning behind that for me. The first time it was on the NXT title, I got uber emotional and then it was on packaging and figures and stuff. The fact that that gets to live on, not to get emotional on you, but my godmother during this time has gone through some hard times, health-wise. So the fact that I kept that – I was like, ‘oh no, if we’re picking one, please, let’s keep Ciampa.'”

Ciampa is going to face Bobby Lashley on next week’s episode of Monday Night RAW for Lashley’s US Title. Ciampa qualified for the title match after defeating AJ Styles in a battle of triple threat winners to determine the No. 1 contender for Lashley’s US Championship.

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