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NewsCiampa Names His Dream Opponents For WWE Main Roster Feud

Ciampa Names His Dream Opponents For WWE Main Roster Feud



WWE RAW Superstar Ciampa has his picks for who he wants to face on the main roster.

The two-time former NXT Champion was called up earlier this year and has been aligned with The Miz for months.

Speaking to Wrestling Inc. Ciampa spoke about wanting to win every title on the main roster, and who he’d like to face.

“There’s a plethora of guys I want to have programs with — not just matches, like programs: AJ Styles, and Finn Balor, and Kevin Owens, and Seth Rollins, man.

“I’ve been on the road with [Seth], and it’s just like, geez, he’s good. He gets it. He’s good. Randy Orton when he’s all healthy and stuff and gets back.”

Ciampa is reportedly on the receiving end of a big push due to the change in WWE Creative following Triple H’s appointment to the role.

The Blackheart will challenge United States Champion Bobby Lashley on next week’s RAW.

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