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Ciampa Reveals What Vince McMahon Told Him When He Was First Called Up



During a WWE panel at the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), WWE Superstar Ciampa commented on his first interaction with Vince McMahon when he was called up to the main roster.

In a somewhat humorous backstage interaction, Ciampa revealed that McMahon told him he had some “broad shoulders” but that his legs were a “little slender.” He said,

“Lots of stuff happened when I made the jump from NXT. One thing, for me, was switching appearances slightly. I had a discussion with a very higher-up person in our company. I had a tank top and I was supposed to go out for a match on Main Event. I had these shorts on. He said [Vince McMahon impression], ‘Woah, look at those shoulders. Broad shoulders. Legs are a little slender.’ I really calmly said, ‘I didn’t want to try the long tights.’ I advocated a couple of weeks back and that was my main roster debut gear. Since then, I’ve had trunks.”

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