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Claudio Castagnoli On Taylor Swift At AEW All In 2023 – ‘I Wouldn’t Put It Past Her’



Could music sensation Taylor Swift appear at next year’s All In pay-per-view event inside Wembley Stadium? Claudio Castagnoli believes it’s a possibility.

AEW All In 2024 will take place next August shortly after a string of performances by the “Shake it Off” star inside Wembley Stadium.

AEW President Tony Khan recently revealed that Wembley officials asked if he could cut short his load-in time to accommodate more shows for Swift.

In a recent interview with The Sun Sport, Castagnoli spoke about the 12-time Grammy Award-winning artist and a potential role at All In 2024. He said,

“I feel like Blackpool Combat Club coming out to ‘Shake it Off’ would be great. That would be quite something! I obviously think it’s really cool because it’s two very loyal fanbases within a span of a week. Two very different shows as well! If you’re an AEW fan and a Taylor Swift fan, you can attend both within a week. That’s just … what a week!” 

When asked about the possibility of Swift getting physical in an AEW ring at All In 2024, Castagnoli remarked “I wouldn’t put it past her!”

In the interview, Castagnoli shared what he’d like to be doing at next year’s event. Click here to find out more.

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