Claudio Castagnoli

Claudio Castagnoli Talks Brief Paul Heyman Pairing In WWE, Why It Ended


Ring of Honor World Champion Claudio Castagnoli was recently interviewed by Chris Van Vliet at Starrcast V to discuss several professional wrestling topics, including his brief stint in WWE with Paul Heyman.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

What went wrong with his Real Americans storyline:

“It was right after WrestleMania 30 when I won the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, which is still one of my favorite memories of my career. Also, me and Jack Swagger broke up as the Real Americans and we both went solo. I was clearly liked as the babyface in that scenario, but they kind of kept us both heel.

Then they switched Swagger as the babyface and kept me heel. It was this weird mix of happenstances. They put me with Heyman, he talked about Brock, I was supposed to be a bad guy, but the crowd liked me and wanted me to be good. I think it was a series of unfortunate circumstances.”

The storyline coming to an end when Heyman was put solely with Lesnar:

“I can speculate. I think Paul said the same thing, that he was put out there to talk about Brock Lesnar ending the streak and I was the tool because I could wrestle. It was an excuse for him to go out there and talk about Brock. Brock came back and I stopped being with Paul. It was a series of unfortunate events for me. Looking back, it was a great learning experience.

I got the chance to wrestle great guys and to be out there with Paul Heyman and watch him do his thing. It was a good learning experience. You just have to learn from it and grow from it. I wouldn’t agree that I didn’t have any interactions with Paul. We talk all the time. It was four months, we were riding together. I definitely had the chance to learn from him.”

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