CM Punk Apologizes To A Person Who Questioned His AEW Revolution Entrance


CM Punk took to Twitter today to apologize to Wrestling Observer staff writer Paul Fontaine, who questioned his entrance choice at Sunday night’s AEW Revolution pay-per-view event.

At Revolution, CM Punk came out to the ring for his dog collar match with MJF using AFI’s “Miseria Cantrare” song. Of course, this was his Ring of Honor theme song.


Fontaine was one of many fans who missed the reference as they had clearly never seen his early work in Ring of Honor. He originally tweeted,

“What am I missing with this Punk entrance?”

This led to CM Punk replying with the following,

“A deep understanding of story telling. A brain.” He later deleted the tweet.

Punk followed up today with the following apology,

“I’m sorry if I was snarky to a guy who was being s**t to other people in his replies. Context is everything. None of this is important. Let’s all hug and drink Shirley temples.”

Fontaine has since replied to Punk’s tweet, saying,

“This is fair. I made two comments I wish I could take back. Looking forward to seeing what you do next….on screen.”

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