CM Punk Calls Roman Reigns “Far And Away The Best Guy” WWE Currently Has


CM Punk spoke about Roman Reigns and his current run as WWE Universal Champion during an appearance on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast

He started out by stating how organic stories can get certain wrestlers over. 

“A lot of the times the best stuff you also just got to go with the flow with it,” Punk said. “I’ll use Roman Reigns as an example because if we’re talking about good stuff, if the WWE does anything good, this is the one thing they’re doing right right now is Roman Reigns. His character work, his in-ring stuff, it’s all great.

“But I feel like classic WWE, they’re always 5 years, 10 years late. This is something that they should’ve done originally because they tried so hard to get this guy over as a baby face and they gave him x amount of [WrestleMania] main events and said this is the guy, this is the guy and he never really had his moments until now.”

“Maybe he needed that adversity and that backlash to finally be this guy but this is the one thing they’re doing right,” Punk said. “What can you say bad about what Roman Reigns is doing right now? He’s far and away the best guy they have. When you talk about storylines, in-ring work and all that stuff, right now he’s the total package. For the first time in his career, and I’m not being mean to Roman Reigns, I just feel like he’s finally where they pushed him to be, it just took a minute.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc

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