CM Punk Comments On Not Main Eventing WWE MITB


WWE Champion CM Punk posted on Twitter last night after his title defense against Daniel Bryan to comment on the complaints that he didn’t main event the last seven cards while John Cena continues to get the main spot.

He said: “Guys.EVERYBODY is mad that I wasn’t in the main event. Especially those who have to follow me. Because they can’t.Nobody follows the killer. Deal with it. I’ll work first. I’ll work hurt. I’ll (out) work anybody. Best. In. The. World.”

We noted late last night here on the website that CM Punk’s WWE Championship victory over Daniel Bryan Sunday at Money in the Bank extended two pay-per-view streaks. His win marked as his eighth consecutive successful title defense on pay-per-view. However, despite his reign atop WWE, it was the seventh consecutive pay-per-view in which he did not defend the title in the main event. It should be noted that at 5PM EST yesterday (three hours before the show went live), CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan was penned in to close the Money in the Bank pay-per-view. They changed things at the very last minute in favor of the RAW Money in the Bank match. We’ll have more on why the change was made shortly. Stay tuned.

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