CM Punk Comments On Possible Match With Will Ospreay


A press conference was held recently where Will Ospreay issued a match challenge with the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship on the line against CM Punk. 

This was right after he called out former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre to a match. Punk stated last March that while various things would have to line up perfectly, he would be interested in wrestling Ospreay. 

“I would love to have an IWGP World Heavyweight Champion vs. WWE World Heavyweight Champion between two British men and find out who the best wrestler is out of them,” Ospreay said. “And not only that, before I was the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, a man who sparked a whole industry of getting the wrestling world interested in him named CM Punk was interested in facing Will Ospreay.

“Well now I have the biggest prize in pro wrestling. So if you really are wanting to prove to yourself that you’re the best in the world, where in my opinion, you were probably the best of a bad bunch, come over to here and come take this (Ospreay points to the IWGP World Heavyweight Title) because no one’s going to be able to take this from me.”

CM Punk spoke with Stephanie Chase of Digital Spy about the possible match: 

“I don’t want to give people false hope in answering Ospreay. But he’s for sure somebody that I’ve never wrestled before that interests me a lot more than, I guess, the corporate side of professional wrestling nowadays. New and different things are going to interest me more than doing the same old, same old. I always need new goals. I don’t know. Let’s see if he has it at the end of the summer and then ask me the question again.”

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