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NewsAEWCM Punk Dedicates Tonight's Match To Eddie Guerrero, Vickie Guerrero Remembers Eddie

CM Punk Dedicates Tonight’s Match To Eddie Guerrero, Vickie Guerrero Remembers Eddie



Today marks the 16th anniversary of the passing of Eddie Guerrero, who passed away on November 13, 2005. CM Punk took to Twitter and dedicated his match with Eddie Kingston at Full Gear to Guerrero. He said,

“Tonight is for Eddie.”

Vickie Guerrero also took to Instagram, reacting to the anniversary. She said,

“What is today? Today is a day God has blessed me to breathe, love, and make my day as if it’s my last. Today reminds me of an unplanned day when God called Eddie to His Heavenly gates. Today, taught me to face the world the best way I knew how! Today, is the day that I learned how many people love Eddie and his memorable legacy. An exceptional legacy that I learned how to be the “Queen of Mean” from watching Eddie’s work inside the ring! The countless hours that Eddie would create storylines on paper and rehearse promos in front of a mirror and using me to create “a hold” on me and ask if it was painful!!!!!. I learned everything from Eddie not only professionally but personally as Eddie’s wife and mother to Shaul and Sherilyn. These valuable lessons that didn’t come written in an manual.

Today, I am emotional that I wake up in the same city, arena, and day that you passed! Tonight, I will walk down the ramp and carry Eddie in my heart. I walk into the ring and look over to the corner and nod at Eddie sitting across the corner of the top rope. For years….Eddie talked about how he wanted to “make it to the top”. Eddie, you exceeded your dreams and your legacy lives forever and you will never be forgotten. You are loved and missed everyday….”

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