CM Punk Discusses His WWE Contract Status, Batista


Credit: Mike Johnson and interviewed CM Punk in his home as UFC is in his hometown of Chicago this Saturday.

On his current contract, Punk said it expires in July and he hasn’t spoken to anyone about a new deal. He said his boss changes every few months and he doesn’t even know who his current boss is. On whether he will stay after his contract expires, Punk said he didn’t know and “everything is up in the air.” He said three years ago, he was 100% out of the door and to avoid repeating himself, he’s going to say “he doesn’t know.”

Punk was asked about his attempts to change the company and he said that he doesn’t know if he did it. He was asked if he feels he failed to change the company and he said he’s asked that sometimes and said that he’s still close to the situation so he doesn’t know if he can really answer the question. He said he’s the type of person who always feels that he can do better if he gets “a second shot at things.”

Punk noted that he asked Vince McMahon if he could induct The Ultimate Warrior in the WWE Hall of Fame but doesn’t believe he will be the one to do it. He said “popular opinion” seems to be that Hulk Hogan will do it but noted that they don’t like each other. He said he and Warrior are a lot alike in that they don’t like each other.

On the return of Batista, Punk said he was critical of The Rock coming back because he doesn’t believe you should be in the business part-time and take a Wrestlemania spot from someone who deserves it, but in the case of Batista, he’s in “for the long haul” as he’s signed a long term deal.

On the idea of Brock Lesnar returning to UFC Punk thinks that there’s “unanswered questions” in Lesnar’s mind becaus he spent half of his UFC career sick with diverticulitis. He said that Lesnar is a freak of nature. Punk said he doesn’t get the sense that Lesnar is going to return to UFC but he gets the sense that he certainly would want to.

On the idea of himself doing MMA, Punk said the number one reason to do something is for someone saying you can’t. He said that’s why he owns his house and has been in WWE for ten years. He said that makes him wants to climb the mountain and whether he gets to the top is up to him. He said that he’s 35 and has never competed so he doesn’t know if he’d be good enough. He said that he has interest but he’s never had discussions about anyone to fight. He’s never approached Dana White about it because once you do that, it becomes real. He said he’d be willing to do The Ultimate Fighter but who knows if that would ever happen or if it would draw ratings. He said even the idea of him doing something would make people go nuts on the Internet about how he doesn’t fight. He didn’t downplay doing a smaller show but said he does has a presence so “do you then even put me on a smaller show?” He said he gets punched in the face four days a week and there’s similarities.

Punk was asked about Triple H and Stephanie McMahon taking an interest in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, he got the impression that was more for “their kids” and it wasn’t something that HHH was really trying to take up. He joked they were “biting his style.”

Punk said the Michelle Beadle thing was a “bunch of horsesh**.” He said that he thought he and Beadle were pals and backstage, she walked past him at Tribute to the Troops “with a group of women” and said “some disrespectful sh**” and “I was like, whoa.” He said “his girlfriend” went to Beadle and the same group of women and introduced herself and pulled her aside and told her not to speak that way to her boyfriend and Beadle said, “OK.” Punk was asked how something like that leaks out and he said that he doesn’t know. He said that it was made out to be salacious and that’s why it was picked up.

On what Beadle did, “She said, ‘What’s up f***face’ and high-fived the girl next to her.”

On whether he was excited for the WWE Network, Punk said that he wouldn’t know “until he gets his PPV checks.” He said it’s great for the fans and that he would have killed for that in 1997, but for the boys, he doesn’t know how it will effect their pay. He said the company didn’t tell the boys about the Network before it was announced but they sort of knew since it was supposed to launch a few years ago.

Punk was asked if putting Wrestlemania on The Network was a bad idea, he said no and that Vince McMahon is really good at doing things that people doubt and going forward with them.

On Daniel Bryan taking the “Yes” from Diego Sanchez, Punk said it’s up to Bryan to credit him. He said with smart phones and the Internet, everything is easily accessible to figure out where things came from. Punk said that Bryan gets the best “crowd reaction, hands down” but he doesn’t know if Bryan is the most popular guy. He said he’s really happy for him and he likes getting to watch what happen for him happening for Bryan.

Punk was asked why the WWE killed his momentum. Punk said he’d like to think they don’t make those decisions on purpose and it’s more they wanted to go in another decision. He said it’s a different era and different time and it can’t be looked at the same way he did when he was a kid.

Punk said that it’s been two years since he was in the actual Royal Rumble match and asked how he felt about starting at number one. He said he prides himself on being an Iron Man and joked he could show off his Chicago Marathon medal.

On WrestleMania 30, he said that you “might know” who he’s fighting but a lot can happen in six weeks.

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