CM Punk, Dixie Carter & Others Congratulate Austin Aries


CM Punk, Dixie Carter, Colt Cabana and others congratulated Austin Aries via Twitter on winning the TNA Title at Destination X last night. Their tweets are below.

C.M. Punk: “I didn’t see it, but congrats to Austin Aries, Samoa Joe, and Zema Ion. Looks like somebody finally gets it. Kudos.”

Dixie Carter: “Congrats Austin Aries! What a year it has been. You have fought hard and deserve this!”

Colt Cabana: “Congrats to Austin Aries. #Champ”

Nigel McGuinness: “Proud tear in my eye. Wonder at how great life can be sometimes. Another of my ROH peers. Proved it wasn’t hype.”

TNA creative team member Dave Lagana: “Life is made of moments. This was one of them. Congratulations to Austin Aries. Work with great people. Hand them the ball, believe and trust in their work, and don’t put negativity into the world. Result (equals) Destination X.”

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