CM Punk Doesn’t Think WWE Should Sign Sting, More


As previously reported, CM Punk held a Q&A session at the Wizard World “Portland Comic Con” event on Friday. Since the news broke that CM Punk has quit WWE, several fans who were in attendance sent in their recaps of Punk’s Q&A. Here are the highlights:

– Punk said he doesn’t think Sting should come to WWE because he doesn’t have “anything left in the tank.” He thinks Sting would take another spot away from WWE’s younger superstars who are trying to make it to the main event level.

– Punk said Batista is his friend, but he doesn’t feel the time is right for him to return, for the same reason Sting shouldn’t be brought in. Punk said it’s Daniel Bryan’s time and Bryan should be in the main event of WrestleMania.

– He has been frustrated with WWE’s direction for a while and feels that the writers aren’t in touch with what fans want.

– He has been saving a lot of money and he would be fine if he wasn’t receiving a paycheck from WWE anymore.

– He’s entertained the idea of fighting for UFC, but he doesn’t know if his body could handle it at this time.

– Punk said his health has been bad for months, especially September through November of last year. He’s had weekly MRI’s and blood work done, but doctors can’t figure out what’s wrong. He started eating meat again and is starting to feel better, but isn’t close to 100%.

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