CM Punk Extends Two PPV Streaks At SummerSlam + More


— As noted earlier here on the website, WWE reportedly had a tough time dealing with Kharma in regards to training. Word is that she had a reputation with management that she was lazy and hard to deal with. They felt it was going to be difficult getting her in the appropriate shape, which led to the company parting ways with her. Basically, there are lots of reasons she was released from the company, including them wanting to give her time off to “clear her head”, no creative plans, being married and suffering a miscarriage and numerous mental breakdowns.

— CM Punk’s WWE Championship victory over John Cena and Big Show Sunday at SummerSlam extended two pay-per-view streaks. His win marked as his ninth consecutive successful title defense on pay-per-view. However, despite his reign atop WWE, it was the eighth consecutive pay-per-view in which he did not defend the title in the main event.

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