CM Punk Hypes Tonight’s WWE RAW – Details



Michael Mordrid sent this in:

CM Punk on KPHO this morning, hyping tonight’s Raw.

The anchor called the title belt a “serious piece of jewelry” which got a reaction out of Punk. They then started talking about taking down Mark Henry. Punk says it’s a lot of fun wrestling Mark Henry. It’s a pretty easy David vs. Goliath story to tell. They then started talking about Punk’s training, to which the anchor said it was in Ohio. Punk’s reaction was, “Ohio? Chicago!”

The anchor brings up Punk’s straight edge lifestyle. They’ve been using a picture on their graphics of a shot of Punk with a flying forearm to the outside on the no longer employed John Morrison.

They mentioned something about Heidi Klum being single. Punk’s reaction was, “Alright! I’m coming for you like Booker T came for Hulk Hogan!”

The next question was, “What does CM stand for? Chick Magnet?” Punk was noncommittal as usual.

Punk made mention about having a little bit of a cold. He asked if anyone on the set had some hand sanitizer. An anchor off set threw in a container of Lysol wipes. Punk said, “What up, Flacco?!?”

That was the end of the interview.

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