CM Punk: ‘I Think Hulk Hogan Is A Piece Of Sh*t’


During a recent appearance on “Rasslin with Brandon F. Walker,” CM Punk was talking about the comparisons between Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin regarding who was the biggest draws in pro wrestling.

Punk said that you can make the argument that “Hulk Hogan is a bigger star than Steve Austin but then you look at business periods and eras and box office receipts and all that other stuff. I think Hogan’s a piece of sh*t so obviously, I’m gonna be like Steve Austin, yay. But that’s another podcast.”

Punk also responded to a fan on Twitter regarding his comments by stating, “Brother, just tune in tonight. Just got off the phone with Arthur Ashe and he’s excited to host us tonight. Gonna party with Belushi in nyc after I slam Baba. Hope I don’t tear anything in my back. Metallica.”

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