CM Punk Ohio Comic-Con Q&A Report Inside Here


Credit: Brandy Priest & PWTorch

The following are highlights from WWE champion C.M. Punk’s Q&A interview at the Ohio Comic-Con held Saturday afternoon prior to Punk flying to Saturday’s Raw house show in Kansas.

– We were on very strict schedule, as he had plane to catch. Punk said WWE wanted him to cancel, but he said he would only do the house show if he could still come to Ohio. He said he loves doing these things and never once considered canceling.

– Asked how far in advance they get storylines, Punk answered, “They have no clue what they are doing.” He said that would get twisted and he would get in trouble, in a lighthearted moment.

– I asked him what his favorite thing he has been able to do as a celebrity is, and he said he doesn’t consider himself a celeb. But, he mentioned throwing out the first pitch at a Cubs game and singing “Take me out to the ballgame.”

– Colt Cabana came up in a question. Punk said there could be good news with him in a few weeks, so keep watching.

– Punk confirmed that Beth Phoenix is leaving and Kelly Kelly is gone.

– Punk said his favorite title run is his current one.

– Punk said he would love to induct Paul Heyman in to the Hall of Fame, as it would mean something.

– Punk said he has no idea about the new title belt or the ice cream bars.

– It got down to where Punk was out of time and there were five people left. They tried to end it, but he said, “No! Five people – come on, let’s go like a game show.” He kept telling us he was sorry he had to go. We stood up cheering and he acted modest, telling us we didn’t need to do that. He also mentioned that he was in a really pissed-off mood last Monday and he always can cut better promos when he in a pissed off mood.

– I was first in line for the photo-op when he arrived. He smiled and said I was lucky to be first. I asked if I could hug him and he was like, “You do whatever you want.” I got to put my arm around him and the photo-op people were like, “Come on, hurry up.” Punk made sure to greet us all, unlike some other guests. Then, I was first in line again for autographs and he joked with me, “Dedication, hell yeah. I like it.” Overall at the Comic Con, it seemed like he drew the biggest lines. I had VIP passes, so we were up-front.

I tell you, it kills me to see him as a heel on-screen because he is so nice outside the ring.

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