CM Punk

CM Punk Reacts to Seth Rollins’ Heel Turn (Video)


The official WWE on FOX YouTube account posted the following video clip from “WWE Backstage”, featuring CM Punk commenting on Seth Rollins’ heel turn on RAW. He said,

“I’m gonna take a wait and see approach. I don’t want to see a regurgitated Shield. Those guys [AOP] almost crucified themselves wrestling in suits because now they’re going to have to do that every single time. They’re going to be busting the crotch out of that, guaranteed! … They want Seth to be entertaining. They’ve always wanted Seth to be entertaining, and this is, to me, just one of those cases where he’s just not good at being a good guy. So do what you’re good at, be the bad guy. The ironic thing is now everyone’s going to cheer him.”

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