CM Punk Reflects on His Chemistry with John Cena


CM Punk‘s greatest rival in WWE is arguably John Cena. The two men lit up the WWE Universe at money in the bank 2011 and during many of their subsequent bouts and promo segments.

At Starrcast III this past weekend, CM Punk openly discussed his chemistry with the 16-time world champion and why he feels John Cena was very happy when CM Punk came along:

(H/T: Fightful)

“I always liked working with John because again, it was easy. And I think John was in a position where he was almost kind of glad somebody else came in and forcibly like took the reins. I think John was stoked that he didn’t have to be that guy directing traffic. And he let me do whatever the fuck I wanted. So, I think he was relieved. But, I also think that’s how we worked together really well, you know?
“I was the first guy to be like, ‘why does everybody always take their shoulder like, you know, what the fuck’s going to happen! Like, why do you let him do [the ‘You Can’t See Me’ motion] to you without fucking kicking him in the head?’ So, like, it was really like I broke down the John Cena comeback, like in a logical way. And he was just kind of like, ‘this is great. Nobody’s ever done this before.’ You know?”

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