CM Punk Reveals Why He Uses ‘Cult Of Personality’ As His Entrance Theme, More


During a recent interview with SPIN, AEW Superstar CM Punk commented on using “Cult of Personality” as his entrance theme during his time in AEW and WWE, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

Living Colour frontman Vernon Reid on Punk’s long association with the song: “What gets me is that it’s such a personal story of his connection with the song and the band. His Little League coach was totally hip, using ‘Cult’ as young CM Punk’s ‘get out on the field’ music in 89. They won their season’s championship! It stuck. We’re grateful.”

CM Punk how the song represented him: “I was this guy the fans loved. So the song ‘Cult of Personality’ represents when there is a distinct individual who has such charisma, such personality, that they develop this following, and it’s really not anything more than a cult. And more often times than not, that person turns out to be very dangerous.”

CM Punk getting WWE to use the licensed song: “[jokingly] It had a lot to do with me swinging my big ol’ d*ck around and making them invest in me as a person.”

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