CM Punk’s Ex-Girlfriend Gives Insight Into Why Punk Disappeared


CM Punk’s ex-girlfriend (and remains his close friend) wrote an essay on the Redeye Chicago website on Punk and described what his life was on the road. The essay is titled “My friend is famous and it sucks.” She noted how hard it is to go out to places like Target or a restaurant.

My friend can’t go to Target. He can’t go to Great America, the grocery store or any mall anywhere. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him escape a restaurant without getting Instagrammed by diners at nearby tables. People mob him in the airport and tweet angrily when he doesn’t stop to sign autographs because he has a flight to catch.

She wrote that five years later he made enough money to quit his “real job” but he was still carpooling with wrestlers to save gas money. She said that just a few weeks ago he found a young fan and his mom cramming easter candy into the mail slot of his front door. Before that he was met by fans trying to take his picture as he walked out of his house to take out the trash.

The essay is a very interesting look into what CM Punk has to deal with during his daily life and sheds new light on why he hasn’t said much since leaving WWE. You can read it by clicking here.

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