CM Punk Shares His Two Big Takeaways From Working For WWE


CM Punk talked about his main takeaways from the professional wrestling business during an appearance on Wrestling Perspective Podcast.

Here is what he had to say: 

“[The business] paid me a lot of money and I met my wife because of my job,” Punk said. “Those are the two big takeaways, they did try to take a lot of my money but they were very unsuccessful in that. I think I’ve always been a big believer, and Dave Batista is the same way, calls himself the dream chaser. I just figured it out at an early age, probably because my parents forced me to go to church and stuff and immediately started to realize a lot of stuff was just b——t and life is short.

“You need to figure out what you love and just try to do that for a living. I was floored when somebody paid me, the first time I ever made money wrestling, I was like well f***, I don’t have to have a real job ever again. I was all in. It let me follow my dreams. I’ve been everywhere twice because of wrestling. I met my wife, all the fans bought my house, so I appreciate that.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc

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