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CM Punk – ‘Support Trans Kids. Support Gay & Lesbian Rights’



As we reported late last night here on eWn, CM Punk spoke to the fans in attendance at the United Center in Chicago, IL following the premiere episode of AEW Collision.

During his post-show segment, the self-proclaimed “Voice of the Voiceless” encouraged the fans to support trans and queer rights. As Punk began his promo, he spotted a fan in the second level of the United Center with a sign reading “Support LGBTQ+ Kids.” Punk told security to escort him to the ringside area, which they wound up doing. He then went on to say the following:

“I recently reposted something from Pretty Cool Ice Cream. I don’t know if you guys were here two years ago, I bought y’all ice cream… it was an ice cream bar that some of the proceeds if you purchased a bar went to support trans youth. I got a lot of hate for reposting that message. Somebody in particular, I don’t know who it is — a nameless, faceless person on the internet — said ‘Why do you support that trash?’ And I thought about replying. But you can’t argue with stupid. You just can’t.”

He continued, “The reason I support trans kids, trans grownups, gays, straight, lesbians, whoever, is because I know when I was growing up, I didn’t fit in anywhere. That it was because of the clothes I wore, what my hair looked like, the music I listened to. Those are all things I can rectify. I can cut my hair, I can listen to jazz, I don’t know what. But to be somebody who’s gay, lesbian, and especially trans — I don’t know what it feels like to be trapped in a body that I don’t feel I belong in. That is why I support that. Because I know I didn’t fit in anywhere until I found pro wrestling and all the freaks and geeks in the locker room were just like me. Maybe because they’re a little psychotic and they couldn’t hold a real job, but that’s another story. Support trans kids. Support gay and lesbian rights. I want everyone to be themselves. Just do no harm to everybody else. Thank you, I love you”

You can check out several videos of CM Punk’s post-AEW Collision promo below:

CM Punk and FTR defeated Samoa Joe and Bullet Club Gold (Juice Robinson & Jay White) in the main event of Saturday night’s premiere episode of AEW Collision.

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