CM Punk & The Miz On @Midnight, JR Q&A, Warrior, More


— CM Punk and The Miz will appear on the February 12th episode of @Midnight, the late night Comedy Central humor/game show hosted by Chris Hardwick.

— Jim Ross updated the Q&A section of his blog. Check out the highlights:

On who Ultimate Warrior might face in a last match?: “Could be a variety of guys but I’d think that Sandow vs. Warrior would be fun to watch. Whoever it will be, it won’t last long or be a diverse, wrestling match. That’s not to say that it won’t sell PPV’s.”

On whether smart fans have hurt the business: “Not in my view. The business suffers because of the lack of young, main event talents that are ‘over’ with the fan base, short term creative planning, and veering far away from the core components of the genre IE wrestling and athleticism.”

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