CM Punk To SD Live Events – The Reason Why


CM Punk will be removed from future RAW brand house shows and will start touring with the SmackDown brand.

WWE feels that Orton is the top star on SmackDown, and with him out for an extended time, they felt as if the brand needed a boost for live events. Punk is on the current Raw brand tour of Spain, and with some combined shows next week, the change are scheduled to take place on June 23rd. On that date, Punk, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio will be used as the Smackdown brand headliners, while Big Show and John Cena will headline Raw events.

The change is said to be temporary and just something to get through the next 60 days or so. Punk is not being advertised for the Smackdown television tapings, where Cena and HHH are being pushed as the main stars in the local markets. The plans have been for Cena to only work dark matches and HHH to just do cameos

Rey Mysterio, who would have been considered the #2 star behind Sheamus at this time, is not being advertised for any house shows in July at this point. Mysterio’s 60-day suspension will be up in three weeks, and he had told management he was ready to return due to knee surgery.

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