CM Punk Undergoes X-Rays, Non-PG Sin Cara T-Shirt


— The Sin Cara Goteo De Oro T-Shirt featuring the shape of a penis embedded in a gold design that was pulled within hours of being listed on last week was briefly supplied by WWE’s Japan Shop ( in very limited quantities. The Japan affiliate mailed out the shirt and one has surfaced on eBay.

Lilian Garcia, SmackDown’s new, full-time ring announcer, has been added to the SmackDown Superstars page on

— CM Punk stated Tuesday on Twitter that he was undergoing an X-ray examination today. He wrote, “Heading for X-rays, then gym. Because broke shit don’t stop me.”

He added, “Soon to be a dirt sheet headline: Punk gets X-rays.

“Going to go jump in a volcano then gym. Because hot lava don’t stop me.

“Soon to be dirt sheet headline: Punk jumps into volcano.”

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