CM Punk’s Latest Instagram Post Fuels Speculation About In-Ring Return


CM Punk’s latest post on Instagram Stories is bound to spark a lot of discussion among fans. Since the infamous incident that took place backstage following the AEW All Out pay-per-view event in September, Punk has kept a low profile, causing fans to speculate about the cryptic posts he has been making.

The recent post in question is a repost from Ice T’s Instagram page, which showcases a clip about forgiveness for “bad deeds.” The clip highlights that forgiveness does not always mean being in close association with the person or people who wronged you.


While the Instagram story has since been deleted, you can find the video he shared below:

The significance of Punk’s post remains unclear, and it’s uncertain whether this means he is ready to make a return to AEW or move on. Nevertheless, Punk is still under contract, and as reported by Dave Meltzer last week, he has been doing well on his road to recovery following injury and would be available soon if AEW wanted to use him.

Only time will tell how CM Punk’s in-ring career will progress. Although he may have his fair share of critics, there are also AEW fans who eagerly await his return to the ring.

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