CM Punk’s Side Have “Backed Off” On Claims The Young Bucks Started AEW All Out Fight


Those on the side of CM Punk have admitted that the Young Bucks did not kick the door down before the AEW All Out 2022 fight as previously reported.

After the September 4, 2022 pay-per-view event, Punk had explosive comments for several members of AEW’s roster, resulting in a legitimate fight breaking out backstage.


It had been claimed by those closest to Punk that the Bucks kicked his locker room door down, resulting in Punk throwing punches first for his own protection.

During the latest Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez reported that the story has changed.

“There really aren’t two sides of the story anymore. There were two sides of the story for a while but now pretty much both sides agree that CM Punk threw the first punch.

“The Punk side has backed off the kicking the door down thing. They have admitted [The Bucks] didn’t kick the door down.”

Alvarez added that the Bucks went into the room with AEW’s head of legal (Megha Parekh) and the head of talent relations (Christopher Daniels), which doesn’t seem like they were looking for a fight.

He added that the big question now is whether Punk genuinely feared for his safety.

“The only disagreement at this point is were the Bucks aggressive? Punk’s side admitted he threw the first punch.

“The only disagreement is was he actually in fear for his safety or did he just start punching?”

Like Wade Keller, Alvarez said he believes Punk’s days with AEW are done.

“I don’t expect to see CM Punk in AEW again.”

Punk and the Bucks have been removed from AEW programming for the time being with the belief that Tony Khan could fire CM Punk.

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