Coast 2 Coast Are Ready To Light Up Ring Of Honor


Coast 2 Coast had a brief international excursion and are now ready to light up ROH. Ring of Honor recently caught up with them for Below is a highlight of what they had to say about their upcoming time in ROH:


“These two months away in Germany, as a team we’ve added a few new things,” Ali said. “We’ll be more dangerous as a team by taking a more vicious approach. I guarantee the fans around the world watching and supporting our journey will appreciate what we’re going to bring to the table.”

“Having that opportunity to help others grow was absolutely thrilling and a blessing,” Ali said. “The wXw academy students all appreciated what we had to offer, that being every detailed insight of knowledge I have used to progress in my career as well as a ton of drills I’ve learned from Delirious, Cheeseburger and Sumie Sakai.”


“Getting the chance to be go back to my country of birth to compete for such a prestigious organization was a major milestone for me,” he said. “I left as a baby, so I spent most of my life dreaming of going back to see where I came from.”

“2019 is going to be the year that Coast 2 Coast will seize more opportunities,” Ali said. “We will be focused on pay-per-view events, tag team championships, merchandise and making sure that our brand is appreciated and acknowledged.

“That includes no car accidents for me,” he added.


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