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Cody and The Young Bucks Q&A Highlights: Shots at WWE, CM Punk, More



Last night during the opening night of Starrcast, The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes took part in a Q&A session as they spoke more openly about how All Elite Wrestling came together.

They touched on some slightly controversial topics such as the WWE 24/7 Championship, CM Punk, and even religion. Below are some highlights.

  • Cody Rhodes made quite a splash when he said he was looking forward to the women’s triple threat match at AEW Double Or Nothing and describe Kylie Rae as genuinely nice and not just pretending to be nice with wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men. This got quite the reaction from the crowd as it was presumably a shot at Bayley.
  • Regarding championships, Nick Jackson simply described their position on championships by saying, “we’re not WWE.” This led to an overall discussion about the 24/7 Championship, which Cody had no problem saying that they put no effort into the title design, and he and Nick Jackson went back and forth crapping on the title while Matt Jackson tried to move them away from the topic.
  • Regarding CM Punk, Nick Jackson was honest in saying that he feels CM Punk is done and will never be in AEW. Cody Rhodes, on the other hand, said that wrestling fans never gave up on CM Punk and the door will always be open.
  • A fan asked about Michael Buffer possibly doing some ring announcing for them on TNT. All three men were in agreement that Michael Buffer was very expensive and they actually tried to reach out to him for All In.
  • They discussed Tony Khan. Matt Jackson talked about being in discussions with Tony well before All In. Cody said that he felt this would all work out when he saw the way that Tony Khan managed the Jacksonville Jaguars first hand.
  • In answering a question about PAC, all three men were very optimistic that he would one day work for AEW full time. Cody chimed in saying not to believe all of the rumors that you’re hearing about the PAC situation because “wrestling media is unregulated and you can say whatever you want.”

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All of the fun festivities of Starrcast continue today at 1 P.M. Eastern

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