Cody & Brandi Rhodes Comment On WWE Fans Wearing AEW Shirts Being Turned Away From SDL


Yesterday All Elite Wrestling (AEW) held a rally to celebrate the launch of the new promotion. Several big names were announced to be involved with the promotion; such as Chris Jericho, The Young Bucks, Coy Rhodes, and Adam Page. The rally was not too far away from where SmackDown Live was being held. As it turns out, several fans who arrived at the arena wearing AEW shirts were turned away.

One fan was forced to return to his car and change shirts before being allowed back in. Cody and Brandi Rhodes were asked about this during the post-rally scrum. Here’s what they had to say:

Cody: “I mean, we like blew up the whole sky right across the street from their building,” Cody said (referencing the event’s fireworks). “But you can’t throw people [out]. If people part with their money to get tickets, you can’t turn them away.”

Brandi: “I’m happy if they got back in,” said Brandi. “I know a procedure a lot of times is if there’s something that you can’t show [on your shirt], they turn it inside out or you put it down. As long as they comply, I hope they stay in and enjoy the show.”

Cody: “I bet it’s isolated,” said Cody. “I can’t see them going full-court press: no AEW merch inside and if they did that’s a mistake because Jacksonville, for WWE and the shows I’ve been, it’s been a soft market. It’s not a market that they’ve regularly sold out, so if you’ve got fans parting with their money, you’re an idiot to turn them away.”

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions

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