Cody Comments On Moonsault From Top Of The Cage, Regrets Doing The Spot


Former AEW TNT Champion Cody was interviewed by Variety where he spoke about the Moonsault Dive from the top of the steel cage back on February 19th against Wardlow on Dynamite.

Cody on AEW being his child: “I don’t have children, so this is my child. It really is my baby in terms of how I feel about AEW and how I feel about the roster. Even people who are older than me, I think of them as my kids. So I feel very strongly about it. And I think we’ve had a wonderful year so I’m in love with AEW.”

Cody on how he never should’ve done his moonsault off the top of the cage: “I should have never done it. Literally, I have nightmares about it because the cage was too tall. And I’ve not been the same since I hit the ground. I remember telling Brandi [Rhodes], ‘I think I might have had a mini heart attack.’”

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