Cody Comments On Upcoming Match With Scorpio Sky, TNT Championship Design Is Complete


AEW TNT Champion Cody was interviewed by Tony Schiavonie on AEW’s YouTube channel, where he spoke about the upcoming TNT Championship design being completed and wrestling Scorpio Sky next week on Dynamite.

Asked about his match with Scorpio Sky, Cody said Sky is unmatched in AEW in terms of pure athleticism and that he heard Jim Ross talk about how it wouldn’t be an upset if Sky won the title. He said Sky is a friend of his and meets every all-star criteria, but if we’re talking honestly Cody points out he’s a tag team wrestler which is very different than going five to ten minutes with him. He says he has all the respect in the world for Sky but says he’ll blow him up within three or four minutes and if he’s wrong, he’ll wave to Tony at the desk but that’s what he thinks is going to happen.

Schiavone asks about the open challenge and how people like Ricky Starks, Eddie Kingston and Warhorse have challenged for and if he thought it would turn out this way. Cody says that perhaps it has outgrown the initial interview when he made the open challenge. He says that all of the opponents are a big part of giving the fans what they want, pointing out that Warhorse was one that grew organically from the fans. He says he hears the names that are out there now like Alexander Hammerstone, Sifa Fatu, Matt Sydal, JTG and such and they’re all great names and it’s an open challenge. He says hopefully when this is done with Scorpio Sky, he’d be interested in not just the outside guys, but the AEW roster.

Tony asks when we’re going to see the finished TNT belt. He jokes that it’s a softball and says we’ll see the finished title tomorrow night on Dynamite.

On what qualities to Arn, himself, and Tony Khan look for in a viable indy challenger to the title? Cody says he Tony and Arn have done a great job at looking at the overall landscape and who’s making waves in and out of AEW. He says it has less to do with polish and talent and pedigree, and more to do with work. He says those are the people that he likes to compete against, those with the ability to put in the work. He says that it went from a fun motto, hashtag, t-shirt slogan to being applicable to everything, especially in this era of wrestling on TV. Content is what matters; the old ‘perception is reality’ is bulls**t because reality is reality. You can find great wrestlers anywhere, and Tony has his ear to the ground that way.

Tony asks if there’s a chance that the match against Scorpio Sky will be Dynamite’s main event. Cody says it’s a great question and in his mind, it’s the main event. It could go on last, but the beauty of Dynamite is that every match could be a main event. He points out Jurassic Express vs. Hangman and Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho vs. Orange Cassidy and says both are main event matches. He says there’s this old passe outlook that the PPV matches are the big matches, and to a degree it still is but right now television is where the matches should be. That’s why he loves the open challenge. So maybe it could be the main event, he “knows a few people” but who knows. To him it’s always a main event being on Dynamite in general because it’s not an easy show to get on.

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