Cody Rhodes Calls Out Reddit “Insider” MetsFan4Ever, He Issues A Reply – Details Inside


As we previously reported, WWE insider and Reddit user MetsFan4Ever recently revealed that a talent meeting happened before RAW about the Royal Rumble and the possible winner. According to that report, Triple H said that no final decision has been made about the winner and encouraged everyone to step up. The winner would be decided after evaluations over the next few weeks.

Cody Rhodes recently posted on his second, personal Twitter account that he uses to post out of character. He wrote: 


MetsFan4Ever responded: “Come on Cody. You’re better than that. You know damn well that talent meetings are not impossible to hold. In my time I witnessed many of them. Both in the arena and in the locker room. In fact there was one time where you all had to watch the WWE Film ‘The Day.’ That wasn’t impossible to get you all together to watch before Raw, was it?“

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